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Thursday, August 26, 2010
Hi all! A few months ago Essence has released a new line of products that can be used for nail art creations. You can find nail jewels, various stickers, a nail art sealer (special top coat), stripers and many more. Not that long ago Essence added something new to this nail art line, including these nail art pens. I was very excited when I heard these pens coming out because what is easier than creating your nail art with a pen instead of a striper?! The nail art pens are available in six different colours.

Essence Nail Art Pens Review Nail Art Freehand Pens

The colours:
- Spacy Pink
- Cool Black
- Deep Purple
- Juicy Orange
- Silver White
- Silver Star

Before you use a pen you shake it, press the tip a few times down and out comes the colour!

Essence Nail Art Pens Wheel

As you can see above I've tried out the pens on a nail wheel. There are three that absolutely stand out for me: Cool Black, Silver Star and Spacy Pink. These are pigmented enough to give you an opaque result without any effort. The other ones are watery and show streaks, kind of a let down! However, there's a big plus for all of them: they dry quick and they don't smudge when applying top coat.

Essence Nail Art Pens Review Nail Art Freehand Pens

Here's a manicure I created with all pens just to try another design with them. I think these pens are handy to create dots with but once you use them for stripes and other artsy fartsy stuff some of them lack in what they promise because of the watery formula.

These pens are available at Kruidvat, a Dutch drugstore, for €1.99. For this price you can buy every single one of them but really, I'd only go for Cool Black, Silver Star and Spacy Pink. These are definitely the best out of the bunch.

Have you tried these or would you want to try these? What's your thought on them?
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