Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yesterday, I bought the cutest grey boots that I've seen in a long time. Today, I looked outside and everything looked grey to me because of the pouring rain. So, what do you do? You put some grey nailpolish on your nails!

I chose ORLY Mirror Mirror. This is two coats, it applies really smooth and after applying one coat it was almost opaque. My hands look a bit unhealthy, but that's not because I don't take care of them, it's because of the awful cold weather. They hate the cold, rain and snow!

Which grey do you prefer? And are you having as much trouble as I have keeping my hands winter safe?


Anček said...

Great polish...It just got onto my wish list =)

Michèle said...

Haha it's indeed funny how we do exactly the opposite!!

I like this grey, it's not too dark which I prefer :-)

I'm not really having trouble with the weather but I think that's because I drown my hands in cream all day long :')

Nea said...

I didn't know I need this one... Until now :D

Very nice blog, added you to my blogroll too.

Unknown said...

Cool color!
Only one I own is recycle from CG.
Also a very cool color. =)

Michelle said...

Ancek: It is a nice polish! I didn't expect much of it, but after applying I really loved it.

Michèle: I drown my hands in cream too, but it doesn't seem to help. It looks like my cuticles are shrinking due to the cold. :')

Nea: Thanks, I've added you to my worth watching list.

Thess: Thanks and you're right: Recycle is also a cool colour!

Romika said...

Great color! I like this one. I've got a grey one from Herome's.....but this one is very nice!

the-swatchaholic said...

Stunning color! I ordered it last week and I can't wait to get my paws on it. :)

Nienna said...

Geweldige kleur!
Mijn handen zijn vooral erg droog, de nagelriemen vallen gelukkig nog mee.

Michelle said...

Romika: Thanks! I've seen your grey one, that one is also very nice!

the-swatchaholic: Thanks!

Nienna: Dankjewel! Mijn handen zijn gelukkig niet zo heel droog, het lijkt wel of alleen mijn nagelriemen ten prooi vallen aan de kou. Maar het blijft wel vervelend!

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