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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Hi reader!

I mentioned yesterday that I received OPI's Reflecting Pool and today I decided to swatch it. I first saw Reflecting Pool on Michèle's hands (!) and I decided I wanted that polish too. I ordered it a few days ago on ebay. Normally I'm waiting a lot longer when I order polishes on Ebay, so it was kind of a suprise when it got here that quickly. Oh wait, it was a suprise anyway because I forgot I ordered it. :')

Here you see three coats and the picture is taken in sunlight. Reflecting Pool is a very nice medium blue with dense gold shimmer. The finish is a bit foily which isn't really my favourite but with this baby I can handle!

AND! I recieved my Zoya order today, it got me all hyper and smiling like a little four year old. I'll swatch some of those in the upcoming days when I can find the time.

Have a nice day!


Kyosuke said...

First ! first fan <3
Love it ^^

Anonymous said...

Wauw heel mooi!
Ben ook heel erg benieuwd naar je Zoya lakjes, die staan al zo lang op mijn wishlist.

Michelle said...

Dankjewel! De Zoya's zijn echt heel mooi, net even snel gelakt. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks! <3

Michelle said...

That is a beautiful color, wow!

Michelle said...

:-D I'm such an enabler, lol ;-) I looove this nail polish and it looks reallly pretty on you. Me likes!

Michelle said...

Thanks! :)

Michelle said...

Whehe, you are! It also looks pretty on you, guess WHY I bought it :D

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