With sun comes... Holo!

Monday, March 1, 2010
Hi dear reader!
I was so amazed to see the sun, I just had to polish my nails with a holo. I chose China Glaze - OMG for today of the OMG collection. The thing I like about the China Glaze holo's is that they aren't in your face holo. I like those holo's on other people, not me! I'm not going to tell more; you've probably seen and heard it all, so let's go to the pictures.

Whieee! It's so funky.

Okay, I know, this one looks like the first picture but I was so happy with the sun shining that I must place this one too.

Up close!

What's your favourite holo?
Have a nice day!


Michelle said...

Now I hope you'll believe me :) "Love" ya ^^

Michelle said...

Is also one of my favorites! Just like TTYL and TMI of this collection!

Michelle said...

so pretty

Michelle said...

I love OMG, LOL, DV8, IDK, TMI...I love the entire OMG collection. And Milani's new Holos, and the New Nubars, and Nfu Oh's too. I just love a holo. I did a comparison of this with the Milani one here: http://bit.ly/dcpTqA

Michelle said...

I love my OMG! =) It looks great on you.

Michelle said...

VERY pretty on you! <333

Yay for sun! My iPhone weather app told me tomorrow is going to be sunny, so swatching should be no problem :-D
My favorite holo's are from the OPI DS collection, the formula of those is amaaazing.

Michelle said...

I only have one holo and it's the GOSH one. It's nice, looks similar to this actually!

Michelle said...

That is so beautiful!!!

Michèle said...


laquermanic.com said...

I love holos, and I don't really have a favourite. Exept the Designer Series from OPI, which are what I will call semi holo. Swatching some of them tomorrow. :)

kellie said...

I LOVE this polish. I need to get it. I don't own *any* holo paints, but this is the best that I've seen. I need to buy it. Did I already say that? :)

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