Ciaté Paintpots Festival Fever Part 1

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Hi dear reader!

I've never showed you these Ciaté's but because of this great sunny day I decided to take them out! You probably know the cute bow bottles, the one thing I fell for when buying my first Ciaté. Festival Fever is Ciaté's 2010 spring/summer collection.

Ciaté Festival Fever Spring Summer 2010 Fun Fair Pastel Pink Creme

First up is Ciaté Fun Fair, a nice pink pastel creme. The picture is taken in daylight and it's showing a little more pale than it really is, it's pinker in real life. I'm wearing three coats. This might be the first pink I'd wear more than once! Application was fine though the polish was a little too thin for my taste, it was a little runny.

Ciaté Festival Fever Spring Summer 2010 Acces All Areas Bright Medium Peach Creme Satin Finish

And then there's Ciaté Access All Areas, a very bright, medium peach coloured creme. Like a neon, it dries satin and it's totally in your face. On the picture I'm wearing three coats. I'm not fond of neon polishes or colours like this so it isn't my thing but I think this is a special one in the collection. I'd even call it a must have if you're mad about these bright peachy colours.

Ciaté Festival Fever Spring Summer 2010 Acces All Areas Glossy

I really like it more glossy. This is Access All Areas with my Nubar Diamont top coat. Application was better than Fun Fair, less runny. If you love this colour you can always check out my giveaway here, open till May 31.

Ciaté Festival Fever Spring Summer 2010 Main Stage Medium Berry Creme

And last for today, Ciaté Main Stage. This is a medium berry creme that applied the best of the three I showed you today. The formula is good. The picture shows you two coats, I do think it'll cover in one coat but I'm a thin coat polisher. ;)

I'll show you the other three tomorrow. Fun Fair and Main Stage aren't that special but they're both nice colours. I'd be very surprised if there weren't any dupes to find for these. What is your take on these three colours? Do they scream spring and summer to you?

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Iria Pita Rodríguez said...

These colors are great :) so so gorgeous! :D

Rebecca said...

I love Access All Areas! I also agree that the bottles are very cute.

Johanna said...

Zo schattig, erg leuk!<3

Hilda said...

love these colors, ur nails look great!

Michelle said...

I love them too, they're so cute!

Michelle said...

Access All Areas isn't my colour I guess, I don't see myself wearing it but I can see why you like it! :) And ugh, the bottles, they're adorable!

Michelle said...

Schattig hé! :D

Michelle said...


Timi said...

those are very nice colors

Michelle said...

They are! :D

Bertine said...

Hele moooie kleurtjes zeg:) en alleen het potje is al cute, dat strikje!!(L)

Michelle said...

Ja dat strikje doet het hem echt! :D

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