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Sunday, May 9, 2010
Hi dear reader!

I wanted to make a blogpost about my new amazing hand butter but after taking pictures of it I decided I wanted to share my favourite products with you. One warning though: this post is long and pic heavy! ;)

Acetone Free Polish Remover

Polish remover

Okay, so there are a bunch of nail polish removers available out there but the best for me are the ones that are acetone free. Using remover that contains acetone gives me superdry cuticles and that makes me bite them. So that's a no go. On the picture you see P2's Soft Nailpolish Remover that contains Thai green coconut oil (yeaaaa...). It smells really good and, what's funny, it has a push button so now I can't spill my remover on my laptop that easily haha.

Cuticle Remover

Cuticle remover

Yay! This is the best cuticle remover I've ever used. It does what it promises! I apply this once a week, starting at my right pinky and work to my left pinky. After that I use my cuticle pusher to get rid of the excess skin. Works like a charm!



I haven't used the P2 file yet but a file like this is great for removing ridges on your nails. Do keep in mind you only use a buffer file once a month and don't buff the nail surface too strongly because it reduces the thickness of the nail. The other file is my travelsize Herome Glass File. I always file my nails with a glass file to prevent my nails for tearing easy on me. Some glass files are cheap but after using these for a few weeks the surface of the file becomes smooth and they don't work proper anymore. Mine was pretty expensive for a small file but it lasts looooong. Btw I'm not telling you cheaper glass files don't work, only my experience with the cheaper ones isn't that good. :)

Cuticle Treatments

Cuticle Care

In the back you see my cuticle and nail oils. One is a drugstore brand and the other one is from Herome. They both work fine but the Herome has such a sweet smell, it smells like oranges! I use cuticle oil once a day. In the front is my new cuticle cream from P2 with a delicious apricot smell and to be honest I love this already. It's really soft and hydrates my cuticles really good.

Base Coats

Base coats

Orly Bonder definitly kicked the OPI ridgefiller and base coat off their thrones. With Bonder my polish chips a lot less quicker and my nailpolish chipped really quick. I've heard that Bonder can give you staining (orange/yellow nails) but this never happened here so I'll keep using this baby.

Top Coats

Top coats

Currently I have three top coats I use the most. I want my top coats to dry quick and these three are the ones that do: OPI RapiDry, 'David' and Nubar Diamont. I've used Seche Vite but that one gave me shrinkage and I could peel the polish right off so I threw it in a corner. Nubar Diamont is the one I mostly use for chunky glitter polishes, OPI for cremes and David for the rest. They all work fine but OPI dries the fast. I don't know why I have this special use for my top coats, I'm a little crazy I think.

Hand lotion

Hand lotion

This is my favourite hand lotion. I always have three of them open: one in my bedroom, one downstairs and one in my purse. After washing my hands I use my hand lotion and my hands feel soft again. This one is the best I've tried and I'm sticking to this one for now. It does contain Macademia nut oil - if you're allergic to nuts this probably is a no go.

My Awesome New Hand Butter


Here it is. The product that started this post. This is P2's Ultra Intense Hand Butter with shea butter, white tea essence and sunflower oil. It smells really good. The cream is less thick than Lemony Flutter (also a great thing). I use this when I'm going to bed, I apply it quite thick on my hands and when I wake up the next morning I have superduper healthy looking cuticles and amazingly soft hands. This truly is my NEW LOVE. I love it more than Lemony Flutter. I love it more than sex. Okay no, that was a joke but this hand butter is really really good and I recommend everyone that has acces to the P2 brand to buy it and try it!

There, you have it. My favourites! What are your favourites?


amusedPolish said...

I've been meaning to try the P2 hand butter and cuticle cream but I have to use up my lemony flutter first ^^

somehow I don't like the scent of the p2 remover- oh well, different person, different taste :)

PolishSis said...

A hand butter that's better than sex? Okay, I want to know where I can buy that RIGHT NOW, because that sounds amazing. ( ps - don't tell mu BF...)

Lillian said...

I think i'm going to have to get some Orly Bonder!

Diana said...

Wat leuk veel P2 ik ben er ook helemaal gek op en heb al veel mensen verslaafd gemaakt aan de remover :)

Michelle said...

Lol, after you used up lemony flutter you'll be suprised! I'm really loving the hand butter and the cuticle cream is also very nice. :) And indeed, different person, different taste!

Michelle said...

Hahaha seriously, when you're in Germany find yourself a DM and get one of these! It's great!

Michelle said...

Hihi :D

Michelle said...

Ik vind het een erg fijn merk! said...

I wish we got P2 products. They look great. Aren't topcoats funny little beasties? Not everyone can wear the same stuff and have it work the same way for them.

Gwen said...

Waar haal jij je P2 producten? Want die zijn toch niet meer in NL te krijgen?

Michelle said...

I agree, P2 looks great! It took me quite a while finding the best top coat but these three work the best for me!

Michelle said...

Ik heb deze in een DM in Duitsland gehaald! Ik heb weleens gehoord dat P2 in sommige zaken hier verkocht werden maar nooit tegen gekomen helaas, dus ik ga er dan ook uit dat ze hier niet te krijgen zijn haha.

Belle said...

Oh my I want that P2 hand butter! But I don't know where I could buy P2 online :(

I love Bonder too, but I make sure I use some sort of nail treatment underneath to prevent staining.

Gwen said...

Ohh jammer! Ja ik weet dat het een paar jaar geleden hier bij de kruidvat werd verkocht (van de 8 filialen in mijn omgeving was er maar 1 die het verkocht) maar het was vrij snel weer weg, echt zonde! Duitsland is jammer genoeg te ver weg voor mij (woon bij rotterdam)

Michelle said...

Jammer is dat! Misschien zoeken naar iemand die het op kan sturen hihi? :)

Michelle said...

I don't think you can buy P2 online, never seen it! Maybe someone in Germany can do a CP for you?

Bonder works great, smart thing to use a treatment under bonder but I don't have any problems with staining haha.

Xibalba said...

Ik vind dit altijd hele leuk om te lezen! Ik ga ook eens wat van je favo's proberen.
Sowieso de topcoats, ik ben Seche Vite echt zo verschrikkelijk zat.

Jackie S. said...

Great list, Ive heard Nfu-Oh cuticle remover is the best!

Michelle said...

Begrijpelijk! Het was voor mij nog een hele tocht om de goede topcoat te vinden haha

Michelle said...

It rocks!

Janelle said...

Ik ben echt benieuwd naar de P2 producten.. Ga vast wel weer een keer naar Duitsland, dus koop hem dan wel. Hoeveel kost de handbutter? Trekt hij trouwens snel in?

Michelle said...

Die handbutter is rond de drie euro dacht ik en als je weinig gebruikt trekt hij vrij snel in.

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