Color Club - Uptown Girl

Saturday, July 10, 2010
Hi everyone! Another day of bizarre heat, I'm really hoping for a thunderstorm later today. Also this is post number 100, so yay! Hope to bring you more and more enjoyable posts.

Viva La Nails Flowers Nail Art StickersA few weeks ago I've placed an order at Viva La Nails. You've probably heard about this company - they send out free promotion packages for bloggers. They were really fast with sending and amazingly generous: I've received a lot of different things such as rhinestones, decals, stickers, hex glitters and more!

In this mani I used stickers I've received from Viva La Nails. These are soooo cute! It's a black flower with a purple stone in it and smaller white stones on the side. They look like raindrops.

The polish used in my mani is Color Club's Uptown Girl from the 2010 Rebel Debutante collection. It's a soft dusty lilac creme that applied very well. The Color Club's I own all have a fantastic formula and I really want to own more of those babies!

Color Club Uptown Girl Rebul Debutante Collection spring 2010 Viva La Nails Flower Nail Art Stickers
Uptown Girl, three coats, daylight

Like I showed in my first nail art tutorial stickers are really easy to use and they can give that small extra to your manicure. I'm falling for it, are you?
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