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Saturday, July 17, 2010
Eyeko Limited Edition Rain Polish and Saucy Polish

Hi everyone! Eyeko recently released two new limited edition shades and today I'll show you these. Eyeko polishes come in 8.5 ml and every polish bottle has its own unique design. We're starting with the Saucy Polish for Naughty Nails.

Eyeko Limited Edition Saucy Polish

Saucy polish reminds me of fire trucks and tomatoes. I'm loving this shade of red. It's bright and vibrant, not muted at all and still it's a very wearable shade. Application was good, the formula is a little thick but this didn't turn me off. I actually kind of liked it! The great thing about applying it is that the polish comes on evenly and it doesn't give you the visible streaky brush strokes. In the picture I'm wearing two coats because of visible nail line (thanks, macro) but this a one coater - very pigmented.

Let's move on to the second polish, Rain Polish for City Nails.

Eyeko Limited Edition Rain Polish

A nice muted greyish blue with shimmer. The shimmer isn't that noticeable in normal light, when your nails catch the sunlight it will show more. This was a little thinner and it took me more effort to get this one on even. The polish is also very pigmented but because it's a little thinner I needed two coats of opaqueness. 

My thoughts on these two? Saucy Polish has surprised me the most. I, not being a red polish lover, would wear this one quite a lot because it is so vibrant and pretty. Rain Polish is also a very nice one. I guess you could say I'm really pleased with these two!

These polishes are sent to me by Eyeko. Their polish costs 3,50 pounds individually but  they also offer cute polish sets so be sure to take a look!
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