Kinetics - Luxury Purple

Friday, July 30, 2010
Hi everyone! I have one last Kinetics to show you guys. This brand really has hit my favourite brands list in no time! I love the formulas, the colours and the bottles. If you're able to get some Kinetics yourself, please do because  you won't regret it!

Kinetics Luxury Purple

I'm wearing Luxury Purple. Unfortunately I don't have much good lighting now due to the rain and clouds but this is quite accurate. Luxury Purple is a cool toned purple glitter. I'm wearing three coats and it applied very smoothly, not letting you end up with big chunks of glitter everywhere like some others do.

I have lots of purple glitters but this one is something new. Like I said, it isn't the warm toned dark purple glitter, it's cooler and a little bit paler and often you'll see a blue glance instead of a gold one. I'm very pleased with this one! What is your favourite purple glitter?

This polish was send to me by Alice and Jo's for consideration. For more info you can read my disclaimer.
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