How to use: Nfu.Oh Cuticle Remover

Sunday, July 4, 2010
Hi all! I've been absent the past days because my laptop's HD has gone to shreds so I'm hoping everything will be fixed soon. I've been getting lots of questions on how to use cuticle removers so I'll tell you how I use my favourite: Nfu.Oh's cuticle remover.

Nfu.Oh Cuticle Remover How To Use Ingredients

Now, this one was quite hard to find. I couldn't find anything over it on the web except that it contains oil and lanolin so I emailed Nfu.Oh's customer service. In a response they told me that the ingredients are: caustic potash, calcium carrageenan, oil and lanolin. Caustic potash is the common name of potassium hydroxide, a white compound. While using it in it's solid form it can cause irritated and biting skin so safety glasses and gloves are needed. This ingredient is used in cleaning products and plunging liquids but also in cosmetics and soaps. Carrageenan is a product from families of the red seaweed, the calcium carrageenan is a salt of the carrageenan. This is used in shaving creams, shampoos and cleansing products. I think you're familiar with oils. These are mostly used for giving an intense hydration or cleansing. Last we have lanolin, a greasy yellow substance (wax) is mostly used as cream. Lanolin comes from sheeps wool and is great for its hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic qualities. In cosmetics you'll find lanolin in chap stick and shaving creams.

How to use
First you'll take off any old polish so you start with a clean nail. After that is done you'll want to apply the cuticle remover. I'm working with one hand at the time because I don't want it to dry completely. You want to have big drops of cuticle remover so don't swipe off the brush - apply generously. When you're done with applying it to the last nail you can already start removing dead skin on the first nail. Take a rosewood stick or a cuticle pusher and use the pointy side to take off the dead skin. I use circulair motions when doing it. You'll see the dead skin coming off instantly! Repeat this to all nails.

Once you've done all nails wash your hands and moisturize. That's all there is to it! I'm doing this once a week and it will give you nice and healthy looking cuticles without cutting them.

The Nfu.Oh Cuticle Remover can be purchased at: NailXL and Viis

These companies both ship internationally. It's best to contact the owners if you are not certain about shipping to your country.


thriszha said...

very informative.. Im using sally hansen insta- cuticle remover and it works on me so much.. I used to cut my cuticles before coz here in the Philippines mostly salon cut cuticles.. but now i dont cut them anymore I just push them and I have a healthy cuticles... i would love to try this Nfu. oh cuticle remover and i've been looking fior this in ages...thanks for this post..very informative!! xoxo sweety!!

Hilda said...

Thanks for the info, I just ordered it! can't wait to try it :)

Michèle said...

Even je comments testen dan maar ;-)

Sarah B. said...

I tried to order this last month but it was out of stock. So I bought the CND cuticle eraser.
But I will be trying this one as well after reading you through info about the ingredients!

Michelle said...

@thriszha: Good job on not cutting them anymore! There are a few good places to order this baby, if you need one let me know.

Thanks all! :)

ThRiSzHa said...

hey Michelle thanks.. yeh i would like to knwo where I can get this cuticle remover? thanks in advance!! xoxo

Michelle said...

Thriszha; your comment doesn't show up here now but it's in my mailbox so I'll reply here.

You can order Nfu.Oh's cuticle remover on (under professional liquids/Nfu.Oh. liquids in the online store) and These are the ones I have good experience with.

Aly said...

Thank you for all information on ingredients; and also on where to find it (I was searching for it in Viis website but couldn't find anything but cuticle oils)!

Blu11 said...

Thanks for posting the ingredients, I couldn't find them anywhere. :) I love this, my only concern is I may be using it too often.

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