Time for Charity!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Good evening everyone! A little while back I heard about a really nice and generous action: the Dutch web shop Enchantra is organizing a lot of auctions for charity. The entire revenue will be given to KDC de Zonnehof. KDC de Zonnehof is an organisation for children from the age 3 to 12 with a mental disorder or a multiple disorder. You can see de Zonnenhof as a school for these kids, here they'll learn certain skills that they will need in the future such as learning to dress yourself, how to communicate with gestures and much more. Not only are these kids learning these important skills, they also enjoy creative things.

The reason why this action is very appealing to me is that I have worked with kids like this before. The children I've worked with lived in a living group because they weren't able to live at home, for multiple reasons. The kids were from 10 to 15 years old and they have disorders such as autism, attachment disorders and ODD. Every year, when the holiday season came around, it was always a hard task how to split up the money so we could give them a nice Christmas Eve and gifts but also keep enough money to buy materials for them to play with. Sometimes there wasn't enough money to split up.

Organisations like KDC de Zonnehof need to be able to buy materials and other necessary things. If not, they will have trouble doing certain activities with the kids, activities that make them happy and they enjoy so much. I'm already a part of this action but I hope some of you will also find a little bit of extra to also help with this action.


The facts:
Enchantra is organizing this action. They organize auctions of various items such as China Glaze nail polish, perfume, jewellery and more. Instead of holding a blog sale I donated my (unused) polishes and other bloggers also have donated. You can bid on these items and all the money will be given to KDC de Zonnehof.

You can find the auctions here. Shipping in the Netherlands costs €6.75, it doesn't matter how much you win. All items are shipped together. International readers can also join! The shipping costs will be different, I can't tell you how much (I know it won't be expensive) but if you want to join you can always contact the owner of Enchantra. The auction ends on December 21, 12:00 PM CET.

I hope you will all have a look and maybe bid on something. If you have any questions or maybe you also want to donate something, leave a comment or contact Enchantra. Spreading the word is appreciated! :-)

Take care!
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