Silver Snow

Friday, December 3, 2010
Hey everyone! So this past week the temperature has been dropping like crazy and it even started to snow, what to me is quite unlikely this time of year. November is just over and it already is like Winter Wonderland out there! Not that I complain - I love a white world!

For todays manicure I decided to use the snow as my inspiration but to be honest, it isn't much of a manicure. I've slapped some polish on a sponge and that's it.

Silver Snow

Ha, metallic snow! My base colour is CND Asphalt, a dark grey creme. I know I've said this a whole lot before but I love how the CND polishes apply, they're all so smooth! After that I took out a normal household / kitchen sponge (in the Netherlands we have these ugly yellow one) and used Orly Shine for sponging. Orly Shine is my favourite silver, it's not dense looking but more scattered.. Makes it perfect for my metallic snow. The household sponges work good for sponging like this and best thing: they're el cheapo! I cut them into small pieces so it's easier to work with and you don't make a mess of all your fingers. Make up sponges also work good and don't have to be that expensive.

While typing this post I was thinking how cool it would be to have metallic coloured snow. You know, silver, gold, bronze... Woahhh. It would be so pretty!

Take care dear readers, thanks for visiting!
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