Barry M Instant Nail Effects, part two

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Good evening everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine - I am, I'm really hoping for the weekend to kick in and I'm secretly excited for the 'storm' tomorrow and Friday. I'm the kind of person that really enjoys stormy weather, the sound of rain and the wind blowing really hard - I'll go outside trying to 'lean' against the wind. But enough of my strange characteristics and let's go on with my blogpost.

I'm showing you the Barry M Instant Nail Effects, and yes, you've seen this one earlier but I did a combination that I think is really awesome.

Barry M Nail Effects with China Glaze 2030

First I wanted to use China Glaze Millennium as my base colour but I couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to go for the gold. According to Michèle gold really rocked, and yes, it does!

The base colour I've used is China Glaze 2030, the greatest gold polish I've ever seen. This gold is cool so my skin doesn't look like I've been with my hands in boiling hot water for 10 minutes. I used two coats for 2030 because I always think the first coat looks a little bit, I don't know, streaky? Showing every little flaw on your nails? I guess both these things. It really doesn't matter though, this one dries fast and having your nails painted with gold is just totally awesome.

Barry M Nail Effects with China Glaze 2030 2

I was thinking of getting gold Minx, I bet I'd feel totally awesome walking around with those shiny gold nails. Unfortunately I'm not going to do that now due to my cleaning job but whenever I have the opportunity of taking them I'm so going to!

I bought this one at Alice & Jo's Havesentials for €5,10 (about $6,70). Alice & Jo's also offers other colours of crackle polish by the brand Mia Secret. Barry M Instant Nail Effects can also be purchased from the official Barry M site.

Take care guys, thanks for visiting!
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