My problem is solved! For now..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey everyone! How is your weekend so far? Mine mostly was filled with reading, I finally have the last two books from the Millennium trilogy, but I also told you yesterday I needed a new way to store my nail polish. I did have one condition: I did not want to have issues with round bottles - I really dislike those lined up in my Helmer.

After thinking I wanted to buy some shelves where I could put them, more of a temporarily solution. That being said I went to the DIY store near by and bought two of them. Because I have two left hands I very kindly asked my dad to help me and tadaa, there they are: my two new shelves.


Like I said, I saw this as a temporary solution until I find a new closet but I really like it. It makes my room a little bit more colourful and I was looking for something to hang up on that blank wall anyway. I'm keeping these two shelves and maybe add a third because I still have a lot of polishes stashed in the closet.

The shelves are hanged up in the centre of the wall so the polishes are easy to reach and I can still stash my other stuff, like my TV and small cabinet underneath them.


I can hear you think: Oh, Michelle, you're crazy, what about dusting everything?! I've thought about that. I don't mind taking the polishes off once in a while and clean the shelves. I also clean my Helmer once a week so does it really make a difference? I don't think so!

Now I just need a good closet, I want deep drawers and plenty of space for everything I need to stash in there such as my nail polishes and nail art stuff. Suzanne told me to look at the Ikea closet "Alex" and it looks pretty good so I'm planning a trip there.

How do you stash your polishes? Any tips?
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