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Monday, November 29, 2010
Hey everyone! I haven't got a nail post for you today but I do have something else that I hope people will use. You see, sometimes people leave messages on this blog with a bloglink in their comment. At first I didn't mind that but it started to get really really really terrible with almost every single person posting a link. I don't mind people sharing their blogs (email or twitter) but it gets kind of irritating when a lot of comments say: 'cool post. check my blog on www.myawesomeblog.com'.

After a while this got really annoying and this was my reaction:


Ya rly! Instead of bitching to everyone I changed the settings of the Intense Debate commenting system - every post that contains a link has to be moderated. This helps a little, sometimes a comment goes trough the system but that's okay. I do notice that people don't stop sharing their link and when I saw something like this on other sites I also decided to do this.

You can leave a link in the comment system but I'd also like it if you tell something about yourself or your blog. I like seeing new blogs and other people might find new ones too. Intense Debates probably eats most of the comments but don't worry, I'll accept them so you don't have to comment 200 times. This way I don't have to feel like this again:


Win-win for all!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)
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