Ciaté - Twilight

Monday, November 8, 2010
Hey guys! Ciaté has to be one of my favourite brands. Not only am I always happy with the formula, I also like the different shades of polish they offer and of course, how can I not mention it, their super cute bottles. Some people say they are expensive and I know 13.5 ml for £9.00 isn't a bargain but the price isn't bad for what Ciaté gives you. Besides, it's always fun to spoil yourself, right? :-)

I've also got myself the Ciaté Speed Coat for testing and so far I'm happy with it so I'll let you know how it all works out. For now I want to show you one of their newer shades.

Ciaté Twilight

Ciaté Twilight is released for fall/winter 2010. They didn't create a whole new collection for us, besides Twilight they've also released Fade to Greige, but the two shades are both very nice so you won't hear me complain!

Twilight is a black creme filled with golden flecks and really small multicoloured shimmer. The golden flecks are more pronounced in the bottle but are also very visible on your nail. The multicoloured shimmer is very subtle and is shown best in sunlight.

Ciaté Twilight

I needed two coats for Twilight to be opaque. What I also really liked is that the flecks aren't gritty so your nail surface feels smooth and you won't need a really thick top coat to top it off. Speaking of top coat, I'm not wearing any in my swatches and the polish doesn't look dull.

Drying time was good and so was the application. I really like the Ciaté brushes, they're not too long or short and are really easy to use.

Ciaté Twilight Matte

Here I've mattified Twilight with the Catrice Matt top coat. I think it looks awesome! The small flecks look like they're on fire and that makes a really nice contrast with the matte black. Overall you can say I'm definitely not disappointed with this one!

How do you feel about the new Ciaté shades?
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