CND Colour and Sparkle!

Thursday, November 4, 2010
Good morning everyone! A few days ago I received some more CND colours and effects (yep.. definitely some kind of temporary obsession) and today I want to show you a combination that I like very much.

CND Eclectic Purple

First I applied one of the CND Colours. This one is Eclectic Purple, not that special but very pretty. It's a medium purple creme that applied very smooth and was opaque in two coats. I don't know why I don't see a lot of things about these CND colours because the ones I own apply great! They're pigmented, smooth and sooo easy to work with.

CND Eclectic Purple and CND Raspberry Sparkle

After Eclectic Purple dried I applied the effect. I picked Raspberry Sparkle! Just like the other sparkles, Raspberry Sparkle contains fine, dense reddish pink glitters. Sometimes it looks a little like it's shifting towards gold. Absolutely awesome!

CND Eclectic Purple and CND Raspberry Sparkle

I can't wait to layer this one over a dark green like OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. Maybe I should do some kind of layer inspiration post when I got the time. If you want to order some CND effects but don't know which one, you definitely should have a look here at the Edge of Sanity.

Want to know where you can buy the CND effects? They have a handy shop locater on their site. The CND polishes are also available on Trans Design.

Well, what do you think? I love the effects and I'm smacking myself in the face for not getting Sugar Sparkle. I can't find it now and I WANT IT. >:]

Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!
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