Flower Power!

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Good morning to all! I hope everyone's doing fine. A while back I posted a flower manicure, actually I posted a few, but this one was made with the stickers I got from Karrie and now I have another sticker version for you. I don't know why but I'm really into flowers lately and because I haven't got a lot of time nail art stickers are my new best friends.

Flower Nail Art Stickers Sparkly Nails Striper Brush

First I painted my nails with Color Club Who Are You Wearing. Once that was dry I started to apply stripes with my striper brush and two Ciaté Polishes: Main Stage and Talent Scout. I only used Talent Scout for two stripes, giving it kind of a twist. The stickers are provided to me by Sparkly Nails.

Sparkly Nails is a British web shop that offers a lot of nail art products. These stickers I got look really nice but there's one thing to remember when applying these: they are thin. That means they fold over easy and with easy I mean EASY. I ruined three flowers before I finally thought of picking my gemstone stick, so I could apply the stickers with that. Ha, success! If you don't have a stick like that you can also use a toothpick but remember, even when you're using this you still have to be very gentle with them.

Flower Nail Art Stickers Sparkly Nails Striper Brush

I'm a sucker for these cute sticker sheets, I never come across these in stores. They seem to have a better quality than the ones I normally get, even though they're harder to apply. I haven't topped these with a top coat and they stayed on for two days. You might think that's not long but I've worked with them (cleaning job) so actually I was pretty surprised, they did survived while my hands were in the water for two days. Right now these stickers are available for £1.80 per sheet, or £4.50 for three sheets. Sparkly Nails ships worldwide.

Have a nice weekend and take care!

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