Hard Candy - Envy

Thursday, September 9, 2010
Hard Candy Envy Blackened Green Shimmer Nail Polish

Hi all! You probably know the Hard Candy polishes If not: they are very easy to spot because they all have a cap with a cute ring - it actually reminds me of being five years old and pulling surprise balls out of a machine. Do I make sense? I really hope so. Not only is Hard Candy a brand with nice polish bottles, they are also B3F!

Hard Candy Envy Blackened Green Shimmer Nail Polish

As you can see above, it's super glossy. I had troubles taking pictures with this one in the shade, the gloss gave me a lot of reflections. I'm not wearing top coat because that wasn't necessary at all.

Envy is a blackened green that is packed with green shimmer. In the shade it gives you a nice, dark, vague shimmery look (and reflections!) but wait till you see it in the sun..

Hard Candy Envy Blackened Green Shimmer Nail Polish

BAM! The shimmers jumps out and it is amazing. I'm a huge fan of blackened polishes and greens so this one couldn't go wrong on me. It's absolutely stunning.

Application was good. The formula was really easy to handle and Envy was opaque after two coats, also something I really like. Hard Candy is available at Walmart for $5.00 a bottle (10.3 ml). If you want to know what more Hard Candy offers you can check out the Hard Candy website.

What are your Hard Candy musthaves?

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