Nfu.Oh #52

Monday, September 6, 2010
Hi guys! One of my favourite brands is Nfu.Oh, not only because of the polishes they offer and the application, but also because of the adorable bottles. The ones that get the most attention are the flakies and the holo's but there are definitely more polishes that are also great - I will show you some in the future. Today's post is about one of the flakies, #52.

Nfu.Oh #52 over Orly Royal Navy Flakies Blue Green

As you can see Nfu.Oh #52 is a gorgeous deep blue base that is packed with green flakies. I've layered #52 over Orly Royal Navy because these colours seem to match very well, #52 is slightly darker.

I'm showing you Nfu.Oh #52 in the shade. The flakies don't sparkle that much as they do in the sun but they create this amazing depth and I can't keep my eyes off it! I really like the flakies and I love to layer with them so I'll be definitely trying other polish to layer this one. I have used two coats of Orly's Royal Navy and one coat of #52. In the picture it shows my nail line but that isn't showing in real life.

Application wise this also was very easily to apply. The one thing I do look out for is that all the flakies are evenly applied on my nail, but that's more because I'm a neat freak. One tip for removing these: don't swipe the cotton pad towards your cuticle because flakies will get stuck there and you'll find some of them one week after you removed the polish.

I bought my #52 over at NailXL, a Dutch webshop, but there are plenty of shops around that sell Nfu.Oh such as Viis and Fabuloustreet. When you're planning to buy at Fabuloustreet, please read this first. Not to cause any panic but it's always good to know about these things. :-)

What's your favourite Nfu.Oh polish?
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