FingerPaints - Easel-y Entertained

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Hey guys! Yesterday I showed you Borghese Stellar Notte, a polish that I got from dear Karrie, and today I'm also showing you a polish she gave me! After I finished up the post about Stellar Notte, the mailman arrived and gave me a the second swap box, full of goodies! The ones that follow me on twitter have seen what's in it and for the ones who haven't seen it, it will be a surprise. I'm really happy with every single item that was in the box and I'll be showing you lots of new things. :-)

FingerPaints Easel-y Entertained

This is Easel-y Entertained from FingerPaints, a brand I've never tried before. The bottle looks really good to me, very simple (I like it when things are simple). Easel-y Entertained is a blue (plus a teeny tiny hint of purple - not 'blurple' though) glitter in a clear base but that's not all... No! It also contains silver glitter, not as much as the blue glitter, but it's definitely noticable.

FingerPaints Easel-y Entertained

This is Easel-y Entertained in the sun and it isn't that noticable in my picture, it really sparkles! It's absolutely gorgeous. Application was okay, even though it has a clear base it's easily buildable to get an opaque result. I needed three coats and I'm also wearing a top coat because it dries a little bit matte. It dried a little slow but nothing a quick dry top coat can't help!

I am very happy with this one, it reminds me of the night sky in summer. Definitely a shade I'll be wearing a lot, so once again: thanks Karrie! You absolutely know what I like (and you're spoiling me)! :-)

Have a great day everyone and take care!
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