Nfu.Oh #64

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well. On vacation I got my two Nfu.Oh holographic polishes and I got addicted instantly so I started buying more. I have two left to buy and then I have the collection complete, collecting every single holo polish from Nfu.Oh is worth it and they look absolutely stunning. Today I'm showing you #64, a pink in-your-face holo. I think Nfu.Oh holo's are the most holographic of all polishes around (at least the ones I've seen) and no I'm not telling a lie, check for yourself:

Nfu.Oh #64 Holographic Nail Polish

How awesome is that?! I am madly in love with this pretty. However, I do feel the Nfu.Oh holo's are the kind of polishes you either love or hate. There isn't something in between really - they are just screaming holo and that isn't everyone's taste.

I applied two coats of Nfu.Oh #64 over Nfu.Oh's Aqua Base. The Aqua Base makes it much more easier to apply holo's: no more bald patches and polish dragging, woohoo! You can also look for the Gosh Fix Base Coat that has the same qualities as the Aqua Base but contains less ml and is therefore more expensive (€9.10 for 18ml of Aqua Base and €6.95 for 7ml of Fix Base Coat). Wearing one of these base coats don't affect the holo though - but who needs to have more holo than this?!

Nfu.Oh #64 Holographic Nail Polish

I took this picture while the sun was behind the clouds so there's no need for direct sunlight if you want to see this pretty. The holo changes all the time, depending on the way you hold your hand and the light (source).

Top coat is a strange story. I find holo's to wear off pretty quickly and to prevent it you can wear top coat but this does dull the effect of the holo. It's your pick, I chose not to.

Nfu.Oh #64 Holographic Nail Polish

This is Nfu.Oh #64 in the shade. It's toned down a whole lot but you can still see the holo a little. I'd rather sit in the sun the whole day than looking at this colour but because of the awesome finish I'll stand to look at this sometimes. Me and pink, not a good combination unless there's something fab about the polish.

I've bought my Nfu.Oh polishes on NailXL but they are also available on Viis and Fabuloustreet.

How do you feel about the Nfu.Oh holo's?
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