ManGlaze - Mayonnaise

Friday, September 3, 2010
ManGlaze Mayonnaise Hot Mess Matte White

Hi guys! I want to show you ManGlaze's newest addition today, called Mayonnaise. We've all heard that they were working on a matte white for a long time and on August 13 it finally was for sale.

ManGlaze Mayonnaise Hot Mess Matte White

I was expecting to have a chalkboard white like OPI's Alpine Snow but Mayonnaise wasn't like that at all! What the picture doesn't show that well, is that it contains pearly shimmer which gives the white a really soft look and a little depth. I had no problems applying this one - I didn't wait between coats but no polish dragging.

I like it very much but Mayonnaise looks fantastic topped with Hot Mess:

ManGlaze Mayonnaise Hot Mess Matte White

Awesome! Mayonnaise and Hot Mess are available on their website so if you want to score these pretties, be fast!

What's your take on matte (white) polishes? Yay or nay?
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