Catrice - Oriental Orange

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Hi everyone! Today the second polish of the Catrice Caramé collection. I really like the idea of this collection - it's based on an evening stroll on the bazaar - and I think they've come up with great colours. Especially the bronzes in this collection got my attention but after trying out Oriental Orange I'm glad I didn't missed this one!

Catrice Oriental Orange

Oriental Orange isn't a true orange, it's more of an orange toned red jelly. Yes: jelly! I love jelly finishes and this is no exception, it's really glossy. I wanted to build this one and see if I could get it opaque but after four coats I still had a visible nail line. But who cares, that's a common fact when wearing jellies and it doesn't disturb me at all. Application was smooth and the Catrice brush is one of my favourites.

Conclusion? Worth buying! Just think of this: great price tag (€2,49), cute bottle, limited edition and it's a jelly. WIN.
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