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Thursday, July 1, 2010
Hi all! I really don't know what is up with me because every time the weather changes I start to get sick. I didn't sleep last night due to nothing, I just couldn't, and today the sore throat I've had since last Friday really starts to hurt like crazy. The weather is still great and sunny so time for more great holographic polish!

Color Club Revvvolution Spring 2009 Collection Femme Fatale

Revvvolution in the shade, two coats

Color Club's Revvvolution is a dark grey holo from the Spring 2009 collection called Femme Fatale. In the shade it doesn't look that special but wait till you see this pretty in sunlight!

Color Club Revvvolution Spring 2009 Collection Femme Fatale

Revvvolution in the sun, two coats

POW! In your face! It's gorgeous. My camera really has issues with holographic polishes, the pictures don't come out as good as I'd like to but this gives you an idea. Revvvolution applies good, the consistency of the polish is exactly spot on and it also dries fast. Mine was opaque and even with two coats.

Comparison Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm and Color Club Revvvolution Spring 2009 Collection Femme Fatale

Left: Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm, Right: Color Club Revvvolution

Of course I had to compare this one with Chainmail Charm. I've heard people say that these two are completely the same but they aren't. Chainmail Charm has a brown base instead of a dark grey one. They do look very similar so I wouldn't say it's necessary to own them both but... they're both pretty and slightly different so come on. It isn't that bad owning them both, right? ;o)

Have a nice day!


Daph_ said...

Revvvolution is gorgeous (and so is Chainmail Charm.. No way I'm tossing one of them) :)

Tassa said...

Gorgeous! <3

Nails 4 Stars said...

I have a sore throat too, it is from the air conditioning. Love the holo's!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I noticed that difference too, although first look says they are the same. I think owning them both is the right thing to do!

Solveig said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Michèle said...

I want it :-( Looks really awesome on you!

Steelnpurple said...


Xibalba said...

Jaaa die staat ook nog op mijn wishlist!

Michelle said...

Thanks everyone!

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