Review: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream from Japan

Friday, July 23, 2010
Hi guys! A while ago I bought myself this tube of skin cream from Yu-Be. Yu-Be is founded by Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari in 1957 and ever since it has been a favourite for many. The whole Yu-Be line consists of caring products for the skincare your body needs.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

According to Yu-Be this skin cream can be used everywhere, even the face and lips and it helps to heal split cuticles and smooth rough, dry skin on hands, elbows, knees and feet. It absorbs instantly, works for hours and it helps to protect and moisturize your skin exposed to cold, wind and water.

The ingredients:
- Glycerin. This natural ‘humectant’ attracts and retains moisture in the skin.
- Vitamin E. Natural anti-oxidant and skin protector helps aid healing and reduce scarring.
- Vitamin B2. Helps to smooth rough or damaged skin and gives Yu-Be its yellow colour.
- Camphor. Helps soothe irritation, scent disappears quickly leaving the skin feeling healthy.
- Vitamin C. Natural anti-oxidant and skin protector helps improve elasticity in skin.
- Sodium Hyaluronate: Humectant helps retain moisture to smooth rough skin and reduce fine lines.

Now, that sounds promising, doesn’t it? I was very eager to try this out myself!

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Yu-Be is a thick, yellow cream and it’s quite greasy. It does absorbs quickly and your hands (or other parts of your body) feel soft and smooth. Also one thing I was surprised about was the smell. When smelling the cream coming out of the tube, there’s no scent but when you moisturize your hands with it, you can smell a real earthy, menthol scent. It actually smells a bit like a Turkish steam bath! After doing this you’ll notice the smell slowly fades away and you can’t smell anything. A big plus for me, I dislike my hands smelling like crazy drugged flowers after applying hand cream (well, except for Avoplex that is).

After using this for one month my hands and rough elbows look and feel better than they did before. I’m really happy with this cream since it gives me an instant feeling of smoothness and you don’t need much of the cream for moisturizing. I will use this cream in winter because it’s a little too greasy for my in the summer. Besides, my skin doesn’t look that bad in summer, it only turns crazy when winter. Overall, I’m definitely going to repurchase when I run out.

You can buy Yu-Be skin cream on their site, A 1.25 oz tube costs $15 and there are also other types available (chap stick, jar, lotion). For us Dutchies Yu-Be is easily to find and order on Alice’s and Jo’s.
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