Happy Queen's Day!

Friday, April 30, 2010
Happy Queen's Day dear reader!

Queen's Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands (and the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba) on 30 April. The point of Queen's Day is celebrating the birth of our Queen and is supposed to be a day of togetherness but I think most people like Queen's Day because of the festivals, freemarkets and alcohol.

I went to the freemarket in my town today but the weather sucked donkeyballs - raining, windy and supercold so I was there for one hour and then I walked home and fell asleep. So much for my Queen's Day haha!

And now on to my Queen's Day mani... Most of the people paint their nails orange, that's our national colour. I did that last year and I wanted to do something slightly different this year. I chose OPI's Legs Celebrate! as my base colour - a kind of weird colour if you ask me. It's a gold shimmer with a bronze tone in it, and there's also a little bit of orange in it as well. It's super shimmery and it contains gold microglitter. Legs Celebrate! is from the Holiday 2006 collection and I got mine in a blogsale for only $1! Can you believe that?! It applied okay. Two coats made me have bald spots but the third was enough to cover it.

I topped it off using China Glaze - Spellbound, a funky glitter top coat. Spellbound contains lots of medium silver glitter and large orange glitter. The base is clear - ofcourse. Spellbound is one of my favourite glitter top coats but that isn't because I wear it as a top coat, nooooo! When you build it you'll have complete coverage in three coats and it looks like you broke a mirror and put the pieces on your fingernails. So awesome!

In the pictures you'll see me wearing 3 coats of Legs Celebrate! and 1 coat of Spellbound.

Queen's Day 2010

Taken in dimmed sunlight

Queen's Day 2010

Taken in sunlight

Queen's Day 2010

Closeup of the awesome sparkle... BLING!

That's it. No crowns for me, or creme orange, or the Dutch flag. Only bling I'm wearing!

Have a nice day and thanks for visiting!


Arianna said...

I love spellbound! Great shots!!!


Rebecca said...

love this! great mani :)

Lacquerwarefortipsandtoes.blogspot.com said...

That looks fabulous! Great layering.

Romika said...

Yes......I knew that this one is great one to be layered with another one. It looks great!!!

Erudio Ergo Sum said...

I'm blinded by the awesome bling! Happy Queen's Day!

NikiC said...

I love love love the glitter!!

Michelle said...


Michelle said...

Thank you :)

Michelle said...


Michelle said...

Hahaha, I know, you told me so! ;) Thanks

Michelle said...

Thank you!!

Michelle said...

So do I! :D

Jackie S. said...

Very Royal..very pretty!

Michelle said...

Thanks! :)

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