Crazy Leopard!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Hi again dear reader!

I wasn't planning on posting again today but there's something I really want to show you: another leopard mani! This one looks more funky than the one I posted a couple days ago haha.

I started off using China Glaze - White Out as my base colour. It applied pretty good - I can't handle light coloured cremes for some reason but this one turned out good. I'm also looking for another white polish I can use as a base, any recs? I thought of OPI's Alpine Snow Matte but I'm not sure about that one.

Aaaaanyway. I used Konad's Black stamping polish and plate M57 for my leopard pattern. Here's the result:


I quite like the stamping polish. It's a bit goopy but easy to work with, especially for a Konad noob (I'm still one).

After that I picked up a little paint brush and started to colour the spots. I used the following polishes:
- Ciaté - Cocktail Dress (Pink)
- P2 - Artful (Green)
- P2 - Gigantic (Blue)
- China Glaze - Lemon Fizz (Yellow)

I have something to say about the P2's. They rock, hard! I'll definitly swatch these later because the colours are absolutely funky and they apply like a titty - that's a Dutch sentence translated, I don't know if you people use it but I am.

After spending a few minutes feeling like Bob Ross this is what you get:

Crazy Leopard

Crazy Leopard

A funktastic, crazy leopard mani that rocks my socks off. It would be so funny if there were leopards with their fur coloured like this!

That's it for today (yah really!). Thanks for visiting!


Daph_ said...

It applied like a titty! You're genious, you know that? You made me laugh out loud! Love your Leopard mani, but I already told you that :)

Katrina said...

ah! thats too cute!

StardustStephanie said...

That is fabulous!!!!! Very cute. I love it. :D said...

Haha; this is so funny and cheerful! :)))

Pia said...

Wow, that's cool!

And yes, P2 rocks ;) Best drugstore polish ever!

Taki J said...

I love this... this is one I am going to have to copy somewhere down the road. Actually maybe I will try a pedi with this. This is great

Tenns said...

Such a cute mani!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I love it! I really like the color combo!

Michelle said...


Michelle said...


Michelle said...


Michelle said...

Haha glad you find it cheerful :D

Michelle said...

Thanks! I know right! Good quality for a great price <3

Michelle said...

I think a pedi would rock with this pattern!

Michelle said...

Thank you

Michelle said...

Thanks :)

Michèle said...

Deze is zoo geweldig, liefde!

Michelle said...

Dankjewel :)

Cerceii Ilincăi said...

This mani is totally awesome <3.congrats!
could you please make a tutorial for it?
thanks :D

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