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Thursday, April 8, 2010
Hi dear reader!

Due to an unfortunate series of events I'm not letting the votes decide the winner of the nail art contest I hosted. There are some things I can't put my finger on (might be a glitch, might be something else) but there's no reason to disqualify anyone or to make a big fuss about it so leave it here. It's not fair.

I definitly want to thank you all for voting. The top three of the favourites:
1. Rhea from The Chain Nail
2. Michèle from Lacquerized
3. Tassa from Tassa's Blog

Because I'm not letting the votes decide the winner I used the hat program.
And the winner is.....

It's Karin from Romika's Nails! Congratulations Karin, I'll contact you by email.

I'm not going to spoil more words on this one and I hope my lovely readers won't do the same. :)

Andddd! I do have some exciting news to share! I received Illamasqua's Nudge yesterday from Laquermanic. Yay! I also received MAC's Blue India and NARS' Purple Rain so I'll be busy looking at three polish bottles today, wondering which one to wear. ;)

That's it for now. Once again, congrats Karin!


rhea said...

congratz karin!

frumusikapro said...

Congrats !

BeautyVibes said...

Congratulations Karin!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

Congrats Karin!

Lena Tallina said...

Congratulations Karin!

Katrina said...

congrats Karin =) and thanks for hosting such a fun contest!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Congratulations to Karin, sorry for the buggy-ness that caused sadness. Great recovery!

Tassa said...

Congrats Karin! You deserve it! :)

Romika said...

Thank you all.
But I am sorry that the contest didn't turned out as we all hoped!

Timi said...

You made a very good decision on making the result of this voting contest. On my opinion I think voting via poll doesn't give fair judgment in choosing the winner I' ve seen lots of nail art contest and witness them and votes some nail art entry that I like and I think deserve to win but I notice votes went to hundred and when you total the number of votes it is really amazing and made you think and have a doubt if those numbers of votes are for real. I hope in your next contest will give a fair decision and very clear voting result. by the way, will share to us what is the prize of what Romika won from your nail art contest?

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