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Saturday, October 23, 2010
Catrice Display New Collection November 2010

Hi guys! Be prepared for a long post, longer than I usually do because I have tons to show and tell you. Catrice has been working on renewing their products and on Friday they organized a day for bloggers to come and see what has changed. It ended up in a great fun day with lots of new pretty things to see and show you guys! For a full collection overview Michèle's post is incredibly nice: you can see it here.

As you can see on my first picture, Catrice changes the display a little. The new products will be found mostly in the middle so they're easy to find and they sure have been busy working on new eye and lip products!

Catrice - Mono Eyeshadow New Collection November 2010

Mono Eye Shadow

Catrice comes with 32 new, trendy eye shadows with all kinds of different finishes. From matte to glittery and even more, there is something for everyone's taste! I got six of these and I have swatched them for you. Even though I'm not a beauty queen I still think these swatches are a good indication of how they look in real life.

Catrice - Mono Eyeshadow Swatches New Collection November 2010

These swatches are made in daylight, without flash and without a base/primer.
From left to right: 110 Gilbert's Grapefruit, 220 The Violent Violet, 250 Swimming with Dolphins, 210 The Queen is Amused, 160 I Trust Stardust, 070 Mr. Copper's Fields.

Overall I think these are nice. Not only do I like to colours, they are also very pigmented and easy to blend out. The packaging is quite minimalistic and that's also a plus for me. Price: €2.79.

Catrice - Duo Eyeshadow New Collection November 2010

Duo Eye Shadow

There will be 8 of these duo eye shadows available and all of them have nice colour combinations. I have three of these to show you.

Catrice - Duo Eyeshadow Swatches New Collection November 2010

These swatches are made in daylight, without flash and without a base/primer.
From left to right: 020 Missing: Jack & Rose, 030 Once in a Blue Moon, 070 Double Espresso Macchiato, Please!

I like them! My favourite is the second duo, the blue is so glittery and wow! These are also very pigmented and easy to blend. Price: €3.79.

Catrice - Lipgloss New Collection November 2010

Lip gloss

There are two new kinds of lip glosses: Lip Appeal and the Colour Show. The Lip Appeal gloss has a moisturizing formula, gives your lips a perfect glossy look and will be available in 10 different shades. The Colour Show gloss gives a more intense colour on your lips that lasts, also will be available in 10 different colours.

Catrice - Lipgloss Swatches New Collection November 2010

These swatches are made in daylight, without flash.
From left to right: 010 Toast With Champagne (Colour Show), 060 Little Red Dress (Colour Show), 070 Berry, Berry Nice (Lip Appeal).

To tell you the truth: I like them all three. They are not that sticky nor heavily scented (I really dislike that) and the variety of colours is very nice. Little Red Dress is very pigmented as well as the other shades from the Colour Show I've tried at the preview, big plus! Price: €3.79 each.

Catrice - New Polishes New Collection November 2010

Nail polish

And of course, Nail polish, the thing that excites me the most! Catrice worked on three new shades and sweet Michèle let me borrow her picture. I promise I make swatches myself, soon!

Catrice - New Polish New Collection November 2010

As you can see Catrice comes with three new colours and a matte top coat. I don't own the green but will soon (it looked fab!) but you can expect swatches of Absolutely Chinchilly, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! and the matte top coat the upcoming week or so. I can tell you already that the formula's are even better than they were! Price: €2.49 each, the Matte top coat costs €1.99.

The new Catrice products will be hitting the stores in November! I really like the new eye shadows - they are very well pigmented and Catrice offers a huge range of colours. In my opinion Catrice now shows they are one of the best budget brands around and I definitely love the changes they've made.

I had a great day Friday and I'd like to thank the people from Catrice and their PR representatives for everything. It was really nice seeing all the new products and being able to test these. It was also really nice to meet other bloggers and have a chat with them. I'm definitely not disappointed at all! :-)

Any thoughts about the new Catrice products so far? I'm curious!
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