Eyeko - Pastel Polish

Saturday, October 2, 2010
Eyeko Pastel Polish

Hi guys! Recently Eyeko released two new polishes and today I'm showing you one. They're both limited edition and I was very excited to try them because I'm kind of an Eyeko fan. Not only do I love the pigmented polishes, the bottles are also very adorable.

Today I want to show you the Pastel Polish for Nice Nails. This is, like Punk Polish, a re-release so some of you might know this one. Pastel Polish is a baby blue with tiny blue shimmer, creating a blue flash on the nail. It isn't unique but it is nice and very subtle.

Eyeko Pastel Polish

I was disappointed with the application. Some Eyeko polishes are thick and need a drop of thinner but are not that hard to work with. This however... It's not only thick, it's also streaky. It's hard to build this one up and I needed four coats for an even result. I've read peoples experiences with the first release of this one and those weren't good either. It's too bad they didn't changed the formula because it really is a nice polish.

If you're interested in getting this one just because you can or missed out on it the first time (and maybe because the LE is screaming to you: BUY ME!) you should definitely look on Eyeko's website. Tons of goodies!

Any experience with the Pastel Polish? Thinking of getting it?
Have a great weekend!
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