Fimo Flowers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Hey everyone! I've been wanting to buy fimo canes for nail art purposes but never did because I thought slicing these up would be kind of an impossible task for a clumsy person like myself. Luckily for me, and everyone else that doesn't trust themselves with a razor blade, there are plenty of shops around selling pre sliced fimo pieces. One of the shops that does so and where I placed an order not too long ago is Mardy MakeUpShop, a Dutch web shop. The fimo slices variate in prices but these flowers were €1.25 for a bag of about 100 pieces. Not bad ey! I also want to say that they were fast with my order, I received it the next day. Like they personally stuffed it in my mailbox!

Fimo Flowers Nail Art Design Fimo Cane Slices

I first applied a base colour, I picked Color Club Who Are You Wearing? from Color Club's Rebel Debutante collection. It's really nice, wearable whitish creme that's leaning towards a very light type of lavender. It's very subtle and I picked it because I thought the flowers would really jump out with a base colour like this. After that I placed some random vine-like stripes and added the flowers - sticking them to my nails with a little bit of top coat.

Ados Striper

The striper was sent to me by Mardy MakeUpShop for a review and I was excited to try this one because I've never tried something from Ados. I've actually never heard of the brand before, don't know if I have been living under a rock but from first sight it looked good. I got number 27, it's a somewhat murky kind of green glitter in a transparent base. The brush is long and thin, just a normal striper brush, and the cap is long and pointed which makes it very easy to handle. The glitters are pretty dense so it doesn't leave you with spaces that don't have any glitter, I like that.

It costs €2.50 and it contains 5ml of polish. Now I know there are a lot of stripers available on eBay that can be bought for less and that's also a great buy but I have to say that I like the Ados striper more. Some of my eBay stripers smell really bad (like paint thinner?!) and the design isn't as nice. Also this one is B3F and I'm not sure if the eBay stripers are. I would buy more of these if I needed more stripers but to tell you the truth I can't stash some more in my Helmer - I got too much.

Fimo Flowers Nail Art Design Fimo Cane Slices

I'm very much in love with the fimo slices I got, they are adorable and I have ordered a lot more of these pretties. I just saw they also had Christmas themed fimo slices and I'm such a sucker for those kind of themed things so guess what you'll be seeing soon..?

Mardy MakeUpShop ships internationally. I'm very happy with a web shop like this because they offer nail art products for small prices and they also carry a lot more products so be sure to check it out.

What's your thought of fimo? Like it or not? And do you trust yourself with a razor blade?

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