China Glaze - Wagon Trail

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Hey guys! I hope you all had a good Saturday like me, the weather was great and my day was very relaxing. I picked out one of my favourite polishes to wear when it's sunny because it has a whole different look when it hits the sun: China Glaze Wagon Trail.

China Glaze Wagon Trail

I find it quite hard to describe Wagon Trail but I'll stick with a black creme stuffed with olive greenish gold shimmer. It's really FULL with this pretty shimmer which I absolutely love and it's also the reason I am particularly happy with this colour in the sun. You see, in the shade and lowlight it kind of bores me. Sometimes it looks like a black with a tiny bit of shimmer - which it absolutely isn't.

China Glaze Wagon Trail

See! Told you! When this baby hits the sun it transforms into a gorgeous blackened golden olive green shimmer that sparkles like crazy. Now that's how I like it!

Of course I had to entertain myself a little bit more today so I went for a quick Konad.

China Glaze Wagon Trail Konad Imageplate M69 China Glaze 2030 Regular Polish Stamping

I used Konad Imageplate M69 and stamped with China Glaze 2030 and the tiny flowers are nail art stickers I got from Karrie. I also found out today I really need to get myself another bottle of 2030 and Millennium for stamping because they are the ones I use the most - see this as a little note to myself.

How do you feel about Wagon Trail?
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