Nfu.Oh #65

Friday, October 29, 2010
Morning everyone! I was planning to do some swatching yesterday afternoon but work took a little longer than expected. While I was looking through my nail pictures, to see if I might had something to share, I saw pictures of Nfu.Oh #65. I've never showed this one, how wrong is that?! Meet my favourite holo!

Nfu.Oh #65

Nfu.Oh #65 is a blue holo, not really really blue but more a toned down baby blue. I've showed you some before but because blue is my favourite colour, this is my favourite one. Nfu.Oh is absolutely the Queen of holographic polishes. I can't really describe how frigging cool they are, it's something you just have to see for yourself.

I've applied Nfu.Oh #65 with the Nfu.Oh Aqua Base and if you're into holo's I think this base coat is a good buy for you. You won't be disappointed because the base makes it much easier to apply holographic polishes, leaving you with a smooth finish and absolutely no bald spots. The top coat also works perfectly fine with normal polishes.

Nfu.Oh #65

Pfew! Isn't that awesome?!

I got my Nfu.Oh #65 and the Aqua Base from NailXL. They ship within Europe, if you have questions you can always contact the owner. Another web shop I have good experience with is Viis, an Estonian web shop that also ships internationally.

What's your thought of these holographic polishes? Do you like them or think it's too much?
Take care and thanks for stopping by!
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