Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Hey everyone! Do you all remember the Jaws movies? I think you do because when I was little there was nothing more scary than that big white shark (well, Pennywise the clown was scarier, but shh). Jaws actually made me not want to go into the sea - ever. When I'm enjoying my day at the beach I'll never go further then my knees into the water. It's just really scary because I do not know what's beneath me. Now I'd like to leave my crazy personal traits here and show you my manicure. Yesterday I was watching Jaws and I thought it would be nice to make a Jaws manicure.

Jaws Nail Art Design

First I painted my nails with Misa On the Edge. I took out my sponge and sponged my nails with Zoya Robyn, leaving 1/3 from the tip as my base colour. After that I mixed Zoya Robyn with H&M Love at First Sight and sponged the tip. That is my base, the ocean.

When my base was dried I wanted to start drawing. I used a striper brush for everything unless I tell you otherwise. Here's what I used:

Pinky: Shark Attack
I sponged the pool of blood with Eyeko Saucy. After that I drew a shark fin with a striper brush and used Orly Mirror Mirror. I shaded the fin with a mix of Ciaté Vintage and H&M Love at First Sight.

Ring: Shark
This is how we know Jaws! First I created the outline of the shark using Orly Mirror Mirror. I left out space for the mouth and coloured the shark. The mouth is coloured with Diamond Cosmetics I'm Raven About You. After doing the mouth I shaded the shark using Ciaté Vintage and H&M Love at First Sight. I've also mixed these colours for a little more depth. When done shading I created the teeth with H&M Love at First Sight. Don't forget the eyes! Mine are done with the tip of the striper brush and Diamond Cosmetics I'm Raven About You.

Middle: Eek! A Shark!
The swimmer is made with a mix of Barry M Mushroom, H&M Love at First Sight and Hard Candy Splendid. His hair colour is Barry M Mushroom. Behind him is a shark fin that is made the way I made the shark fin on my pinky. I've added a little bit H&M Love at First Sight around the fin and the swimmer, it just gives a little more movement.

Index: Jaws
The Jaws logo is made with Eyeko Saucy. I've added a shark biting the logo. The colour of the gums is China Glaze Something Sweet and the teeth are made with H&M Love at First Sight. The sharks skin is a mix of Ciaté Vintage, Orly Mirror Mirror and H&M Love at First Sight.

Jaws Nail Art Design

After feeling like Bob Ross for one hour I was finally done and topped it off with China Glaze Fast Forward. I really like the shark, my dad didn't believe that I made that one so that was pretty funny. Now I want to make more stuff on my nails like this but it takes so long, I'm not that patient, darn!

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