Nail Art Tutorial: DIY Leopard

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Hey guys! According to my question on the Eyeko Giveaway form you wanted to see more nail art tutorials, especially videos. I'm sorry if I am disappointing anyone but there will never ever be any video material of me around, I just hate camera's haha. I did find the time to do a short nail art tutorial for you all and it's an easy one: a DIY leopard. You don't need a lot for this simple manicure: two different shades of polish, a striper brush and a dotting tool or something else to create your dots with.

Nail Art Tutorial - DIY Leopard

First you're going to start applying your base colour. I really like my leopard manicure freakishly coloured so I choose Color Club Mrs. Robinson as my base colour. Mrs. Robinson is a purple neon and I love it. Must be the only neon I find myself using a lot. After applying the base colour you let it dry for a few minutes and then it's time for the next step: adding dots.

Nail Art Tutorial - DIY Leopard

There are many ways to create dots. The best thing that's ever invented for this purpose is a dotting tool: a stick with a dot on the end that will create the most perfect dots for you. These are available on eBay and at some etailers. If you don't have a dotting tool you can use a tooth pick or a bobby pin. I used Ciaté Ditch The Heels for my dots, I love the way it stands out against the neon purple.

When that is done grab the striper brush because we're going to do the outlines!

Nail Art Tutorial - DIY Leopard

This is how it will look when you're done using the striper. You just use the striper to work on the outline of the dots. Make sure you do this gentle and relaxed because you can slip up easily. If you're having troubles with these, f.e. your hand isn't steady at all then you should also pay attention at supporting your arm and wrist while working. Last but not least, sometimes you just need to practice, practice, practice. Don't worry if the spots aren't similar: leopard spots aren't exactly the same in real life! After doing the outlines I also placed a few random black dots here and there.

I used Herôme Brooklyn, a black striper but you can use every colour you like. If you don't have a striper or striper brush I suggest you get one because they are sooooo handy, I can't tell you this enough. You can also use a nail art pen if you prefer that more. Striper brushes are available on eBay (you can get nice nail art brush sets there) and some etailers will sell them too.

When that is done your DIY leopard is done and you can top it off with a top coat. I've added a CND effect for that extra glitter.

Nail Art Tutorial - DIY Leopard

The finished result, my leopard manicure with CDN Jade Sparkle on top. Hopefully this tutorial was helpful and if there's something you need to know you can always tell me in the comments. :-)

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