Eyeko - Military Polish

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Eyeko Military Polish

Good afternoon all! Today I will show you the last one of the new Eyeko polishes.

Military Polish is something I can describe best as a mix between green and brown. On your nails it is darker than it looks like in the bottle, the only exception to this is when your nails hit the sun. I can imagine people being disappointed about it because in some light your nails will look nearly black, that's how dark this shade is.

Eyeko Military Polish

Application was okay. First coat was streaky but the second coat made up for it and also made it fully opaque. The polish is quite pigmented and a little on the thick side. One thing that bugged me is that while applying the polish it looked like there was sand in the polish, giving me tiny gritty spots on my nails. My friend also had that, and she has a different bottle, so what's up with that? Drying time was pretty fast and it leaves you with a very glossy finish.

If you're mad about (army)greens I'd get this one, otherwise I'd just leave it. The formula could've been better and I wish the colour on your nails was like the colour in the bottle! The colour is too dark now for my taste. I got mine from the Eyeko website for €4.00. A bottle contains 8.5ml.

How do you feel about military shades? Any thoughts about this one from Eyeko?
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