Blue Leopard

Monday, October 25, 2010
Good morning people! How was everyone's weekend? I've used my weekend to regain some energy after the busy day on Friday but I'm totally feeling good and happy to start with this new week. Strange isn't it, especially since it's Monday and normally I think that is the most terrible day of the week. Now I can't be bothered! Hope you all have the same good mood like I have! :-)

Today I want to show you all something I made a couple of weeks ago.

Blue Leopard Nail Art Design

It's a strange blue leopard design! I've seen a couple of these designs being posted on the interwebs and I think they look pretty darn cool so I decided to make one myself.

First I applied Misa Quirky Smile (pretty blue, you should get it) and applied H&M Love at First Sight on top of that (and the other way around for my pinky). After that I created the leopard spots like I showed you in my DIY Leopard Tutorial. I used the black Herôme striper and Zoya Robyn as my colours and then I used the silver Essence striper to create some silver lining. Last, it's sealed with a top coat.

This design is pretty easy to make, you just want to make sure you apply the polish in a right order (this causes less frustration) and if there's polish flooding your cuticle you can easily remove this with a small brush. If you can't create straight lines by hand you can also use tip guides - sometimes you find some with a nice shape but you can also cut some yourself - or painters tape.

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