Horror Nail Art Contest: Let the Voting Begin!

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Hi everyone! I've received amazing entries and the contest was closed yesterday. I want to thank you all for the amazing entries you've send and as well as everyone who has been spreading the word.

Alzenie - Chamber Maids
Alzenie made a chamber maids manicure

Bunny - Haunt in Blood Forest
Bunny made a manicure titled 'Haunt in Blood Forest'

Diana - Horror
Using self created water decals and konad, Diana created these horror nails

Kathryn - Bloody Handprints
Kathryn shows you some bloody handprints...

Kathryn - Stitched Skin
...and that's not all! Kathryn has been a busy bee and did this stitched skin manicure

Lena - Joker
Why so serious? Lena's Joker nails

Lena - Scream
Lena's second entry, nails based on the movie Scream

Liz - Jaws
Liz shows you a diver almost being eaten by a shark, based on Jaws

Mae - Haunted House
Mae has created a Haunted House manicure

Natascha - French Vampire
The French Vampire by Natascha

Nikki - Funny Horror
Nikky's take on horror!

Nikki - Horror
Busy bee Nikky with her second Horror Nails entry

Saori - Horror
Saori made this knife manicure

Thifa - Horror
These are Thifa's own nails.. Oh no, they're not, they're created for this Horror Contest!

Aren't they all great?! I'm very sorry to give you this hard task but you are deciding who wins! To make this all a little easier here are the rules:
- You vote using the Google Form. You can leave a comment on this post but these comments will not count as votes.
- Voting can only be done by followers. You can become a follower of my blog but when you're not a follower, the vote doesn't count. I'll check this.
- You can only vote for one design. That means there is one vote per follower and email address.
- Voting will be closed on Saturday the 7th of August, 11:59 pm CET time.

I can understand if these rules look a bit too much for you. However, this is the only way it will work. Hope you understand. You can click on the pictures for enlargements.

All contestants may post or tweet their designs. I wish you all good luck!

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