Purple Marble

Friday, August 27, 2010
Hi guys! I did a water marble today and I really enjoy doing them. I hate the clean up though, to me that is probably the most awful thing I've ever done clean up wise. It doesn't matter what method I try, it always looks super messy (so I never show them). I used vaseline today, using a small paintbrush to greasen up my cuticles and guess what.. No more terrible clean up, NO MORE! Vaseline is my new hero for doing this stuff - I could swipe all the excess polish off with a brush.

As far as the marbling, I like the really neat patterns but I enjoy the crazy swirls more because of the difference in patterns. So for the first time on my blog, finally, a marble.

Watermarble Marble Purple Orly Lollipop Zoya Yasmeen Nail Art Nail Design

I used Zoya Yasmeen and Orly Lollipop for the marble. Excusez moi for the bad quality of the picture but it has been raining non stop which means craptastic lighting. Now, I could do a tutorial about marbling but you really want to see the queen of marbling do it: Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures. She has a lot of handy tutorials up so if you want to know more about marbling I highly recommend you visit her site (and youtube channel). :-)

What's your take on marbling? Do you like it or not?
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