Herôme W.I.C. Graffiti Nail Art

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Herôme World Inspired Colours Graffiti Nail Art Review

Hi guys! A while back Herôme brought a new line to their already existing World Inspired Colours Collection: Graffiti Nail Art! This line is based on graffiti and other modern arts and all the polishes are named after hip, artistic districts in the city New York such as East Village Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Graffiti Nail Art line is very similar to other stamping products and they also offer a scraper, stamp, stamping polishes and plates.

As you can see above the products arrived very nicely. Every single set is packed in a very pretty holographic box with a bow on it. You can't go wrong with holographic! :-)

Herôme World Inspired Colours Graffiti Nail Art Review


I received the Get Started kit as well as three sets of plates, called Fancy, Say It! and Tips. Herôme only offers sets of plates; you can't buy these single. You also have to buy the Small or Get Started kit if you want to have a stamp and scraper. The polishes can be bought alone. I like the idea of sets but I think it would be even more handy if all plates and the stamp and scraper were also sold single. That way you can see for yourself what you'd like to receive and, for example, not end up with a plate you never use.

Get Started Kit

The Get Started Kit contains a scraper, a stamp, three plates (B41, B77 and B44 - the set is called Flowers) and three special polishes: red (Soho Manhattan), black (Brooklyn) and white (Lower Manhattan). Like the name already tells you, this is a starters kit. I think this kit has everything you need to get known with this product but if you think it contains too much there's also a smaller kit called, very surprising, the Small Kit. These kits also contain a little guide with examples how to use everything.

Herôme World Inspired Colours Graffiti Nail Art Review

Plates and Stamping

As you might have seen the plates Herôme offers look a lot like Konad plates. Some designs are the same as the designs on Konad plates, others aren't. This isn't necessarily a bad thing: €7.50 for three plates makes a good, cheap and easy to reach "Konad dupe". You use the plates the same as the other stamping plates around: you put polish on the plate, use the scraper, use the stamp and place the design on your nail. The Herôme plates work good and there's no trouble here with picking up the designs. For a how to check out their site!

These plates don't have a backing and that means that you should be careful because they are sharp! The ridges can easily cut your fingers. The scraper is from metal and if you press too hard it can damage your plate so be careful with that. I'd love to see a plastic scraper that comes with it.

Herôme World Inspired Colours Graffiti Nail Art Review


Hey, how sweet is this? Not only can the polishes be used for stamping, they're also stripers! Now I love this because I'm a BIG fan of stripers. These stripers have long, thin brushes and the cap is easily to hold. I want more of them!

Using these polishes for stamping also works fine. They are thinner than other stamping polishes so if you're starting with this form of nail art you might have to practice a little longer. Also the polishes aren't in your face pigmented - they are pigmented enough but still look a little 'faded'.

Herôme World Inspired Colours Graffiti Nail Art Review Herôme World Inspired Colours Graffiti Nail Art Review


As you can see above I've made two designs. The first design is made with plate B44 and Lower Manhattan. The second design is made with Soho Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can click on these for an enlargement.

I used a regular black and white polish as my base for these two manicures because I don't own cremes from Herôme. The nail jewels aren't from Herôme.


The W.I.C. Graffiti Nail Art products are exclusively available at Herôme's webshop. The Get Started Kit costs €24.95, the plates per set costs €7.50 and the polishes are available for €7.50.

Herome is being sold in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Australia and New Zealand. The Herôme products are distributed by wholesalers, drugstores, perfumeries, beauty salons and the internet.

These products are provided by Herôme for consideration. For more information read my Disclaimer.

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