Stamping Nails: Tips & Tricks

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Hi everyone! I wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you for Konad, Fauxnad and Bundle Monster. I'm really liking all the things you can do with it and it's great if you want a nice pattern on your nails and you don't have the time or patience to do something freehanded.

Konad Tips and Tricks Nail Polish Fauxnad Bundle Monster Stamping


First I'd like to tell you that stamping isn't hard, difficult or it takes a lot of your time. A lot of people think so but trust me when I say it isn't. Once you know the basics of stamping you're good to go and you can expand your knowledge and skills. If you want to learn the basics I really suggest you read the how to: Konad on Lacquerized.

Know the basics? Before you start, make sure you take everything you need and put it in front of you. If you do this you'll minimize the chance of ruining your manicure or do something foolish like throwing acetone over your laptop (true story - he's fine now). Can't remember what you needed? Here's a list:

Stamp, scraper, plate, (stamping) polish, polish remover, q-tip / clean up brush, cotton pads.

After collecting everything you can start with it. Do the thing you always do or follow a how to, as long as you like the result it's good! Now, a few tips and tricks I think are always good to know.

Konad Tips and Tricks Nail Polish Fauxnad Bundle Monster Stamping


Sometimes you want to use a colour as the 'background' for your design. Always apply your base coat to prevent staining and once you're finished applying the desired polish you can use a quick dry top coat over it. I prefer this because that way I'm sure the polish has dried properly. If it's still wet or dry to the touch you can cause wrinkles when you're using the stamp.

Another great thing about applying top coat over your base colour: you can remove mistakes easily. Use a cotton pad with polish remover and swipe over your nail. You'll notice the colour will lose it's glossiness but this will return once you've added another layer of top coat.

Konad Tips and Tricks Nail Polish Fauxnad Bundle Monster Stamping

Stamping Polishes

A lot of people don't know you can stamp with more than the Konad stamping polishes. The plus of using the special stamping polishes is that they are thicker and dry slower so you'll have more time working with the stamper and applying the design. Most of the Konad stamping polishes are also very pigmented.

I am working on a stamping polish database and there are a lot of regular nail polishes you can stamp with. The most important thing of working with regular polishes is that you must be quick. They dry much faster!

The most popular regular polishes used for stamping are the China Glaze Khromes and Romantiques. These polishes are easy to work with and are very visible on your nail.

Konad Tips and Tricks Nail Polish Fauxnad Bundle Monster Stamping

Keeping Yourself Clean While Stamping

Stamping can be a messy situation. Sometimes the stamping polish ends up all over my arms or in my hair (I'm clumsy) but you really want to avoid that - it sucks scrubbing all the polish off and having the chance of ruining your manicure.

I always keep a cotton pad and nail polish remover next to me so I can clean up the plate, scraper and stamp right after I used it. I clean everything after doing one nail. Not only does this prevents you making a mess, it also gives you a neater design. I prefer a flipper bottle like the Zoya Remover + Big Flipper or the P2 Nail Polish Remover. That way you can just push onto the cap instead of taking the cap off all the time.

If you're afraid of messing up your manicure, use tweezers to grab the cotton pad soaked in acetone. If you're not afraid, just be careful when you're picking up the cotton pad. :-)

Konad Tips and Tricks Nail Polish Fauxnad Bundle Monster Stamping

Clean Up After

Once you've stamped all your nails you want to clean them. Most of the designs are quite big (for smaller nails) and you will stamp over your fingers and cuticles. I use a clean up brush but you can also use a q-tip. Dip it in polish remover and remove the polish that isn't on the right place! After that you're done and you can apply top coat to make your design smooth and glossy.

Special stamping polish is very pigmented. When removing this make sure you don't push the remover and polish towards your cuticle - this can cause staining and/or polish dragging. This is also something to remember when you're doing a regular clean up.

Top Coats

Konad offers a special top coat that prevents smudges and dries to a high gloss protective finish. The reason this top coats prevents smudging is because it's a little thicker than most top coats. However, the thicker your top coat is, the more chance you'll smudge the design: make sure your top coat is in perfect condition! You can also use the Konad top coat as a normal top coat. One side note: I've heard Konad top coat starts to thicken up quickly but you can thin it.

I've never used the Konad top coat so I can't compare anything but I have found other top coats that don't smudge your design. Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine, Seche Vite and OPI RapiDry are three top coats you can use. These are a little thicker than most top coats and they are fast drying.

Applying top coat has to be done gently - always! Make sure you apply it in a floating manner so the brush doesn't touch the nail. If that happens the brush can drag polish or smudge the design. Be careful with thin top coats, they smudge the design more quickly.

Help. I Fail.

No, you're not. Stamping takes a lot of practice as well as perseverance. You can practice on old manicures, friends, a closet, your toes - whatever!

If practice doesn't make perfect, here are a few random tips:

- Make sure you've removed the plastic off the plate the first time you're using it! :-)

- Roughen up your stamp by using a medium file. This way the stamp picks up nail polish better.

- A scraper can damage your plate, use an old plastic card instead. If the plate is damaged, polish will stay behind in the scratches.

- Use polish remover that contains acetone. This removes all oils on the plate, stamp and scraper which helps you creating a neat design.

- Don't press like you're life depends on it, this way you'll mess up the design. Press gently in a circular movement.

- Stamp quickly. If you don't, your stamp can slide and this creates a crazy looking double or messy design.

- Take your time, especially when you stamp for the first time. If you want to hurry it will fail. Really, it will!

Stamping isn't rocket science! Let me know if you have other tips or if these tips helped you! You can also ask other questions, I hope I can help you out. :-)
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