The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Hey all! Did you survived your Monday? :-) There are a few things I want to do nail wise and one of them was making Jack Skellington on my nail. I absolutely love the movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and since Jack is my favourite animated movie character the choice was easily made.

Jack Skellington Nail Art Nightmare Before Christmas Nails Freehand

I used Diamond Cosmetics I'm Raven About You as my base colour, my favourite black because it's opaque in two coats (I don't own one that does the same without leaving streaks.. hmm) and Jack and the stitches are made with H&M Love at First Sight and a striper. Why I did stitches? I don't know but I didn't want to leave my nails blank - next time I'll try a full Nightmare Before Christmas manicure.

Have a nice day!
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