I'm back!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Hey everyone! I returned home yesterday from vacation. There is really not much to tell about it except the weather was nice, the food was good and I had great company. We've done quite a lot: visited the city nearby the camp site, went to Germany and we had the party of our life - if you follow us on Twitter you've probably seen the pictures. Apart from being busy we relaxed a lot and our friends Natasja and Janina stopped by. If you're interested in seeing some pictures you can click here. It's a small impression of the vacation.

Now, polish wise I didn't know I bought so much until I packed out my polish box yesterday. I thought I was kind of in control but apparently not. Since it's a polish blog I'll show you what I got.

OPI DS Glamour Nfu.Oh #65 Nfu.Oh #66 GOSH Holographic Holographic Nail Polish

Michèle got me the sweet Nfu.Oh's (#65 and #66) and Daph brought me OPI DS Glamour (finally!). GOSH Holographic was bought during a shopping spree in a Dutch drug store.

Catrice Poison Me, Poison You Fiep Westendorp Hema Collectie Jip & Janneke Nail Polish

Catrice Poison me, Poison You is a pretty purple. Then we have two polishes from the Fiep Westendorp collection (sold in a Dutch drug store - an artist and pretty much my childhood hero) and last but not least a small LE from Manhattan.

Rescue Beauty Lounge RBL Scrangie Chanel Paradoxal Les Contrastes des Chanel 2010 Limited Edition Chanel Particulière Kiko Nail Polish

Michèle brought me Scrangie and Natasja brought me Paradoxal. The Kiko polishes are adorable and very pretty (great price too - €1,90!).

MNY Maybelline #549 Pieces Parisian Mints H&M Blue Sky Grey Sky Love at First Sight Nail Polish

And last but certainly NOT least: MNY, Pieces and H&M, all from Germany.

I like the things I bought but I didn't know it was that much. I'm not the only one though because I've been reading the secrets from the ones who have entered my giveaway and it's a common problem - makes me feel less silly. :-)

Now I'm going to unpack everything that hasn't been unpacked, I'm still kind of lazy. Shh.
Have a nice day everyone!
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