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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Hi everyone! A while back someone asked me what you need when you want to begin with nail art. Now, this has been soooo long ago I don't remember who asked (sorry) and it took ages to create this post (sorry) but finally, here it is! Please note that this post is based on my own experiences and opinions - there is no right or wrong when you're starting with nail art.

Konad Fauxnad Bundle Monster Beginners Stash how to start with stamping


Stamping is a technique where you use pre-designed images, polish and a stamp to decorate your nails. A brand that is well known for offering stamping products is Konad but other brands like Essence and Herôme have also added stamping products to their assortment.

What do you need?

- Stamp
- Scraper / Plastic Card
- Imageplates
- (Special) Polish


A stamp is needed to pick up the design from the imageplate. There are small stamps, larger stamps and double sided stamps. Most (starter) sets contain the smaller stamp and it is a good stamp to begin with. You can always buy a different stamp later when you're not feeling the smaller one.

Scraper / Plastic Card

A scraper isn't necessary and, to me, not even worth buying. Most (starter) sets contain a metal scraper and this one can damage your plate, it scratches it. Polish floods in these scratches and that can make your design less neat. And not only that, it's also a pity to see pretty shiny plates with scratches. Instead of a metal scraper you can use an old plastic card or buy a plastic scraper.


Imageplates are metal plates with designs pressed it in. Most plates have about six or seven designs on them but this variates. There are full nail designs and smaller images available and the theme of the plates can be anything from flowers to animals to tribals: Everyone has something for their liking when it comes to imageplates! If you're starting with stamping and don't want to buy a starters kit I'd start with two or three plates just to see if you like it. You can always expand your stash later!

(Special) Polish

The reason I put the word 'Special' between brackets is that you don't need special polish to stamp. In fact, there are a lot of regular polishes that work just as well! However, most regular polishes aren't that pigmented as the special polishes and therefor they dry a lot quicker. When you are a stamping beginner I think it's smart to buy one or two special polishes, just to get the feeling. Konad offers special polishes and they come in three sizes: 5ml, 10ml and 12ml.


Faux means fake, imageplates that aren't manufactured by Konad are often named Fauxnad. This doesn't mean the imageplates are of a lesser quality but there are some differences between Konad and Fauxnad plates: Fauxnad is larger and has bigger designs but no backing which means that the edges of the imageplates are sharp. Fauxnad plates can show some flaws such as a cut off edge but this doesn't affect the quality of the design. Keep in mind some people find it more difficult to use Fauxnads for stamping, if it doesn't work for you the first time it might work the next time.

Webshops that offer stamping products

OC Nail Art
Bundle Monster (via Amazon)
Chez Delaney

* = EU
Boozyshop is working on her new webshop(!) - will be open again on September 1.

Pfew, this was part one. The next part will follow very soon! :-) I hope I helped some of you and let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Have a nice day!
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